Album Review: Eminem – Relapse

19 05 2009

eminem relapse

It’s been almost five years since Eminem released his last studio album Encore. The album stuck to Eminem’s traditional formula, but came off overly comical and was hailed as a disappointment by fans. Following Encore, Em when on a four year hiatus; releasing a greatest hits album and a Shady Records compilation. Aside from those, Marshall has been absent from appearances in the media and on wax. The anticipation then built for his next project Relapse, which is a head trip of stories of child molestation, murdering female celebrities, and drug addicted Mother’s. To fulfill everyone’s needs for a new album, Eminem collaborates with Dr. Dre for thorough production, and limited guest appearances.
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Movie Review: Notorious

14 01 2009

Over 12 years ago hip hop lost one of its greatest artists, the Notorious B.I.G. True, Biggie Smalls only had two albums in his discography and two posthumous releases; but the content and music made him a legend. One of Big’s strengths was his clear and smooth delivery, and ability to tell stories. Though the stories Big would spit were life experiences, his life prior to his Bad Boy signing still remained mysterious. Fox Searchlight Pictures drops Notorious; a biographical movie which reveals the history of B.I.G., his remarkable rap career, and his unfortunate death.
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Album Review: Common – Universal Mind Control

10 12 2008

*Artwork was signed by Common

Earlier this year, Common made the announcement that his upcoming album will not be as conscious as his prior releases, and it will not feature any production from Kanye West. Common’s last two albums Be and Finding Forever were almost fully produced by Kanye, and their undeniable chemistry helped revitalize Common’s career. On Common’s latest LP Universal Mind Control, Com decided to collaborate with The Neptunes to create feel good music. From the start of Common Sense’s catalog, he branded himself as a smooth, lyrical, conscious MC. With Common’s change of music direction, will fans find this album mind controlling or will it share the same criticism as Electric Circus?
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Album Review: Ludacris – Theater of the Mind

23 11 2008

Ludacris gets cinematic with his latest release Theater of the Mind. Some of the biggest names co-star on this project, and features a variety of A-List producers. After months of hype, is Theater of the Mind worth the money or are you better off getting it on bootleg?
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Album Review: Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak

22 11 2008

Kanye drops his breakthrough album 808’s & Heartbreak just in time for the holiday season. While the release of this album was rather unexpected, the question is will fans find 808’s & Heartbreak boomin’ or heartbreakin’?
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Album Review: Q-Tip – The Renaissance

6 11 2008

A Tribe Called Quest front man Q-Tip, is back with his second solo LP The Renaissance. In the 90’s, the hip hop audience loved Tribe’s jazzy style of rap music. While hip hop continues to change musically, will Q-Tip be able to revive the art with The Renaissance?
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Album Review: T.I. – Paper Trail

2 10 2008

Last October, T.I.’s career was being questioned due to his arrest from gun possession. Many wondered if it would cause Tip to go on a hiatus or would he still remain relevant while he is locked up. Since T.I. was proven guilty, he was issued 1000 hours of community service, and has to do a year in jail. Since T.I.’s jail time is delayed until community service is complete, it gave him more time to focus on his music and bring his latest effort Paper Trail.
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Album Review: Young Jeezy – The Recession

4 09 2008

In 2005, Young Jeezy was introduced to the world via Def Jam records. His breakthrough album “Thug Motivation 101” had rap fans curious to see what happens after “And Then What”, had them vibing to “Soul Survivor”, and eventually made them “Go Crazy”; resulting in over 1.7 million units sold. While Thug Motivation was Jeezy’s first album, he branded himself as a “real street nigga” with his raps about drug trafficking, the trap, and his snowman logo, where he derived his alias. After the success of his first album, Jeezy released his second album “The Inspiration” which achieved platinum status as well. While the second album shared the same content as the first, Young Jeezy decided to take a different approach with his latest effort.
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Album Review: The Game – L.A.X.

25 08 2008


In the early 2000’s, G-Unit achieved success as a crew by dominating the mixtape and mainstream scene, and appealing to all regions on the map. For the East they had 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Yayo; the South had Young Buck, and the West had The Game. The success of his fellow G-Unit members helped introduce The Game to the world with his debut LP The Documentary. With two mainstream 50 Cent assisted singles (three if you include “Westside Story”), The Documentary received positive recognition and has sold over two million units. Shortly after, 50 Cent and The Game fell out resulting in The Game’s departure and a claim from 50 Cent stating that he wrote a majority of the album.

Over a year and numerous diss songs later, The Game had to show that he can make it by himself with his post-G-Unit album, Doctor’s Advocate. While Doctor’s Advocate was a near platinum album, The Game proved he possesses the skills to make a high quality album without G-Units support, show growth and consistency.

Now that The Game is a respected name in hip hop, he is back with his third release L.A.X. (abbreviated for Life and Times).
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Album Review: Nas – Untitled

22 07 2008

Disclaimer: This is my first ever album review. Don’t consider this a warning, consider it an accomplisment.

Nas – Untitled


It’s been 14 years since Queens Bridge MC Nas debuted with the classic album, Illmatic. Since 94′, Nas has been one of hip hop’s most original and prolific artists touching various subjects and kicking pure knowledge. Esco is back with his follow up to his last album Hip Hop Is Dead. While the title caused a raucous in the hip hop community and exposed the insecurity of artists’ music (unintentionally), Nas came with an even more controversial title, Nigger. Once the title was released to the public, controversy emerged in no time. Fellow music artists like Jay-z, Akon, and Alicia Keys supported the album titles message, but others like the NAACP opposed it. Eventually, the album title had to be changed in order to be released. Fans (including myself) were displeased with the album’s title removal, but we all know what the original title is.
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