Seeing is Believing 11/20: New Fabolous Video

20 11 2009

Fabolous feat. Kobe – Imma Do It Vodpod videos no longer available.

Continuing his mobster theme for his album, Fabolous brings you “Imma Do It” from his Loso’s Way joint. Like the rest of the album, adds a movie feel to his latest video. Recently Fab had a “all black party” like Jay’s “Run This Town” and he also stuck to the dress code with this latest video.

Dope or Nope 11/19: This Is The Remix!

19 11 2009

Dirty Money feat. Fabolous, Jim Jones & Red Cafe – Love Come Down (Remix)

Fab, Jimmy, and Bad Boy signee Red Cafe hop on Dirty Money’s infectious “Love Come Down”. Diddy continues his reputation for hot remixes with this joint and Fab does his thing as usual. Last Train to Paris drops 2010. Take that, take that!

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Dope or Nope 10/27: New Amerie & Fab

27 10 2009

Amerie feat. Fabolous – More Than Love

The favorite Borean chick Amerie collabs with Fab on her latest track “More Than Love” off her upcoming In Love & War album. In case you’re wondering where you heard the beat from, Dr. Dre’s “Dr. Pepper Commerical” uses the same beat which was produced by The Buchanans. In Love & War will hits stores November 3rd, and will include appearances by Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, and more!

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Got Ya Covered: Def Jam Covers the Nov. 2009 Issue of XXL

6 10 2009

XXL November 2009

The biggest label in Hip Hop history covers the November issue of XXL Magazine. The cover of the magazine features Def Jam’s long-time and current heavyweights such as Method Man, Redman, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Ghostface, Scarface, and more. The issue will honor Def Jam’s 25th anniversary, and will hit shelves October 27th.

Def Jam is responsible for pioneering Hip Hop in the 1980’s by it’s founder, producer Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. Throughout the years, Def Jam has delivered classic albums to Hip Hop, and have been the home to various groundbreaking artists such as LL Cool J, Run-D.M.C., Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Jay-z, and many more. On Tuesday the 13th, VH1’s Hip Hop Honors will be recognizing the monumental label and paying homage to it’s past and present artists who contributed outstanding material to the label and the Hip Hop genre.

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MTV’s Hottest MC’s In The Game – Complete List

5 10 2009

Over the past week, MTV would announce an entry in their highly talked about annual Top 10 Hottest MC’s in the Game list. The list began with East Coast veteran Raekwon and followed up with more New York artists, but then stirred up some controversy by placing Gucci Mane and Rick Ross in the middle of the list. The daily countdown ended at number 5, and numbers 4 through 1 was left a surprise for this Sunday’s program for the countdown. As expected, Jay-z was number one. Check the list below (click any of the artists names to view the article) and continue reading to view my interpretation of the list.

10. Raekwon

9. 50 Cent

8. Fabolous

7. Young Jeezy

6. Gucci Mane

5. Rick Ross

4. Kanye West

3. Drake

2. Lil Wayne

1. Jay-z

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MTV’s Hottest MC In The Game: #8 – Fabolous

30 09 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why He’s Hot: Fabolous started his Loso’s Way campaign by telling the world that it was “his time,” and the boy from Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood lived up to his claim. Loso’s Way — a concept project inspired in part by the gangster film “Carlito’s Way” — became his first #1 LP on the Billboard albums chart, selling nearly 99,000 units in its first week of release. All year, we’ve been hearing “It’s Loso, in case you didn’t know, so …” for a reason: Fab never runs out of ammo with his tireless punch lines and swag!

Via: MTV
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Seeing is Believing 8/17 – New Fab & Jay-z Video

17 08 2009

Fabolous feat. Jay-Z – When the Money Goes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ll be back with a description later today. Gotta run to a meeting. Stay tuned!

Album Review: Fabolous – Loso’s Way

6 08 2009

Fabolous - Losos Way
In 2001 Fabolous dropped his debut album Ghetto Fabolous, branding himself as a Brooklyn MC, with a smooth delivery and witty punch lines. Ghetto Fabolous is arguably Fab’s best album to date, with his current album Loso’s Way as the runner up. Throughout Fabolous’ discography, he released chart topping singles, radio friendly music, and still remained relevant to hip hop. With his latest LP, he decided to make it more appealing to the streets with a theme of a gangster movie. The album title alone is inspired by Carlito’s Way, hence the title Loso’s Way.

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Takin’ Em Back – 7/31

31 07 2009

Fabolous – Holla Back (Young’n)

In honor of the release of Loso’s Way this week, today’s throwback joint is Fabolous’ “Young’n”. This video brings back memories of when I was a Young’n in High School and the trends of the beginning of the Millennium. Back in 01 throwbacks were fly, 2-ways were the sickest mobile devices, and people were Harlem Shakin’. All of these trends were captured in today’s vid!

Seeing is Believing 7/30 – New Fab, U-N-I, Mariah Carey & Red Cafe Videos

30 07 2009

On today’s vids…

Fab & Keri Hilson show you “Everything, Everywhere, Everyday”

Gucci Mane gets “Obsessed” with Mariah Carey

U-N-I takes you to the “Land of Kings”

Red Cafe is the “Hottest in the Hood”

Continue reading to peep the vids!

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