Seeing is Believing 12/8 – New 50, Timbaland and Drake Videos!

8 12 2009

On today’s videos…

50 Cent asks Vivica, Tamala Jones, and Tahiry “Do You Think About Me?”

Timbaland and Drake wants the ladies to “Say Something”

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Album Review: 50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct

19 11 2009

Before I Self Destruct
Throughout 50 Cent’s career, he’s proved himself to be a rap superstar and a tyrant in the industry. His first two albums sold impressively and his previous LP, Curtis didn’t sell as well as expected but still managed to go Platinum. Fif was so confident in Curtis‘ success that he even bet his rap career that he would outsell Kanye West’s Graduation which was going to be released the same day. Eventhough 50 lost the bet and received average reviews, he’s back with his newest album Before I Self Destruct. After being pushed back several times, will Before I Self Destruct put 50 back on his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ status or be another Curtis?

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Dope or Nope 11/13: New Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent!

13 11 2009

Beanie Sigel feat. 50 Cent – I Go Off
The first collaboration between Beanie and 50 is finally here. As promised, “I Go Off” premiered today, Friday the 13th. Beanie gets back on his grimey tip with Fif with an old school vibe. What’s a new 50 feature without shots fired? Fif goes in on Jay at the end of the track of course.

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Seeing is Believing 11/6: 50 Cent Shortfilm Sequel

6 11 2009

50 Cent – Stretch (Crime Wave Pt. 2)
50 drops the follow up to his crime spree on “Crime Wave” with “Stretch”. The video opens up with Fifty standing outside of his homeboy’s door so he can take down one of his jumpoffs. Fif waits patiently and then decides to get back to the money. Instead of 50 bodying niggas through different boroughs, you get a look at how Fif bags crack and gets his income. The video ends with a cliffhanger ending paving the way for the next street video. Before I Self Destruct will be in stores November 16th.

Click here to view 50 Cent – Crime Wave Part 1

News: Beanie Sigel Joins G-Unit!

4 11 2009

Beanie Sigel As some suspected, Beanie Sigel has officially signed to G-Unit. Last week, Beanie Sigel put out a diss track to Jay-z airing out his lack of support and shady business. After 50 put his two cents in and co-signed Beanie, they linked up for an interview to discuss moving to G-Unit. This would be a great career move for Beanie since the gutter sounds of the Unit compliment Sigel’s street repertoire. When Beanie was with the Roc he was the grimiest member making him more suitable for more hardcore labels like G-Unit. Click here to check out the interview with Beanie & 50 on the HotBoyz Show in Philly!BeanieTwitter

Seeing is Believing 11/02 – New 50 Cent & Redman Vids!

2 11 2009

On today’s vids…

50 Cent tells Kelly Rowland to “Have a Baby By Me”

Redman “Coc’s Back” with his new artist Ready Roc

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50 Cent Talks Album Leaks, New Release Date, and Beanie & Jay

1 11 2009

Hip Hop’s bad guy calls the Gomez Bros. to drop some real talk about his album leaking, his “So Disrespectful” diss track, and the Beanie Sigel and Jay-z situation that has the net buzzin. He remains neutral as to who’s right and who’s wrong with Beanie’s accusations, but he does co-sign Beanie on the Young Gunz getting ripped off for their show money. He also announces that Before I Self Destruct will now be in stores November 16th. Check out the full interview below.

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