Takin’ Em Back – 11/6

6 11 2009

While we still wait for the highly anticpated Dre album titled Detox, I decided to post the classic “Forgot About Dre” as today’s throwback. The beat is insane, Em’s verse, even more crazy! Aside from this track, the whole Chronic 2001 was an amazing album making it one of the best Rap albums to have been released in the past two years. With the anticipation for Detox, it’s impossible to say we’ve “forgot about Dre”.

Dr. Dre feat. Eminem – Forgot About Dre

Seeing is Believing 6/9 – New Em, G. Malone, Juelz Santana, & More Vids!

9 06 2009

On today’s vids…

Eminem “Cracks a Bottle” with Dr. Dre & 50 Cent

G. Malone hustles with Birdman, T-Pain & Rick Ross till the “Sun Come Up”

Juelz Santana’s “Days of Our Lives”

Black Eyed Peas “Got a Feeling”

MGMT makes something for the “Kids”

Continue reading to peep these vids!
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20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Redone Via Lego

11 12 2008

I seen this on illRoots and I had to post this up. Here’s 20 classic hip hop album covers redone with Lego’s. An ATLiens cover would’ve been dope. In the full story, you’ll peep my favorites and a link to all the rest.
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Dope or Nope 12/4 – New Em!

5 12 2008

Eminem – Crack a Bottle

illRoots came thru with this unreleased Em joint off an upcoming Big Mike mixtape. Em spits Dre’s verses over a beat that was produced by Dr. Dre. Is it safe to say Eminem is back?
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Polls Is Talkin’: The Most Anticipated Fall Release Is…

23 10 2008

Bases off a poll asking what is the most highly anticipated Fall release, Kanye West won by a long shot. It was obvious that that was the most hyped since 808s & Heartbreak has been the biggest topic on all hip hop sites. With everyone curious to see if this album will be a hit or miss, it will definitely do good numbers. 808s and Heartbreak will easily be one of the more interesting albums this year. And no, that’s not the album cover, just a sample I threw together. Click the link below to see the interesting results.
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VH1’s Greatest Hip Hop Songs

6 10 2008

Here is the list for those of you his missed the countdown on VH1. I dont necessarily agree with it all seeing that they put “Hot in Herre” much higher than “Children Story” “I Used to Love HER” and “One Love”, but to each is own. I’m liking how number one was “Fight the Power”. Not only is it a timeless track, it’s also monumental and it shows unity amongst African Americans standing up for what they believe in. Don’t forget to check out VH1 Hip Hop Honors on Monday! Peep the list
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50 Speaks About Detox

6 08 2008

50 Cent spoke to MTV News recently about the most highly anticipated album for the past couple of years, Dre’s third and final album Detox. While Detox has been in the works for over four years now, 50 had this to say about the project, “I recorded material with Dr. Dre for the Detox”. “It’s great. I want it back. I want the records back,” joked Fif. 50 also stated that he would like the unreleased material Dre produced. “He has the music. It’s right there in the computer. I stop by [his studio] every time and get something that adds something significant to my project each time [I’m about to put a record out]. And I spend three or four days there. To me, he’s the best producer in the game.
“When I walk in the studio, I record the first [beat] that comes on regardless if I think it’s a hit record or not,” 50 added on. “We get in work mode, get comfortable and go through the material that’s in the computer. Dre always has hit records. Sometimes, artists that need producers, they need someone to create a direction for them musically. I need the jewels he’s just got laying around. He don’t gotta tell me what to do with it. All he has to do is say, ‘Track six.’ Or, ‘Go to track eight.’ He’ll have hits playing there. You just have to get in and get them.”
It’s 50’s guess – just as it is anyone else’s – as to when Dre will finally deem the album ready for release. “Hopefully he’ll get it done and put it out,” he said. “I’m waiting for the Detox. All I can say is, Dr. Dre is the best producer in my eyes. Just the consistency over the years. … He knows what he wants. He’s such a perfectionist that it becomes difficult for him to put it out.”

As of today, Dre said he is aiming for a November or December release (check The Stash for the blog on Detox), but only time will tell.

News: Detox Dropping in the Fall?

24 07 2008

I was a lil skeptical about posting this since Detox is slowly turning into a hip hop myth. Dr. Dre sat down with USA Today to discuss his final project and how he plans to release it in the Fall of this year (November or December to be exact). The project is said to feature the “usuals” (I’m assuming Snoop, Em, and 50), Lil’ Wayne (who is rumored to ghostwrite for Dre on Detox), Jay-z, and Nas.

Detox has been in discussion since Eminem’s Encore which was released in 2004. On the song titled “Encore” which features Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, Eminem says “Don’t worry about Detox, its comin'”. Shortly after in 2005, on The Game’s “Higher”, Dr. Dre says himself “look out for Detox!”. Seeing that The Chronic came out in ’92, Chronic 2001 came out in ’99, we’re due for a new Dre project. The westcoast needs this right about now.

Click here to read the artitcle.