Vote for the Best of 2009!

6 12 2009

Last year I did a series called “The Best of 2008” where I highlighted the greatest moments of that year. The categories included best Music Video, Album, Single, Chick of the Year, and more. This time around, instead of me handpicking the winners, I’m going to let the readers vote on a series of polls. The categories include: best album, mixtape, artist, single, girl of the year, and rapper to follow on Twitter. I will keep this open for another 10 days then post the winners afterwards.

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Polls is Talkin’: NextUp – Drake

19 01 2009

On my latest poll I asked Hip Hop AD readers who’s they feel is the next best thing. While the results were all close, Canadian MC Drake was the winner. You may have seen him on the hit high school show Degrassi where he plays the crippled ball player Jimmy. He has now ventured into music being a new rapper/singer signed to Interscope under the name Drake. He is also apart of Lil’ Wayne’s entourage Young Money. Being affiliated with Young Money granted Drake numerous Wayne collabo’s and he is rumored to produce Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later. Drake being signed to Interscope, radio-friendly joints, and his Lil Wayne affiliation gives him the potential to be the next big thing.
Peep the full story to get Drake’s latest mixtape and peep the rest of the poll results.
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Polls Is Talkin’: Album of the Year x My 5 Favorite Albums of ’08

1 01 2009

Happy New Years to all! Whatever you do tonight be safe. To bring ’08 to an end, I’m posting what readers felt was the album of the year. Based off December’s poll, the album of the year is…

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Polls is Talkin’: 808’s & Heartbreak Vs. Theater of the Mind

3 12 2008

About four months ago, Kanye West randomly announced that he will be dropping an album this winter titled 808’s & Heartbreak. While the announcement caught everyone off guard, the details were even more startling. The album was to said have little to no rapping, and be complete autotune. As soon as the buzz started to pop off from “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless”, the release date was moved up to November 25th; the same day as Ludacris’ Theater of the Mind album. Eventually both albums got the green light for a November 24th release, but the question was, will Kanye’s experimental album flop and how will it effect Ludacris’ sales? If you’ve been tuned in to Hip Hop AD (props if you have), you’ve seen the poll asking readers which album were they going to buy the first week. Click the full story to check the poll results and the actual album sales!
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Polls Is Talkin’: The Most Anticipated Fall Release Is…

23 10 2008

Bases off a poll asking what is the most highly anticipated Fall release, Kanye West won by a long shot. It was obvious that that was the most hyped since 808s & Heartbreak has been the biggest topic on all hip hop sites. With everyone curious to see if this album will be a hit or miss, it will definitely do good numbers. 808s and Heartbreak will easily be one of the more interesting albums this year. And no, that’s not the album cover, just a sample I threw together. Click the link below to see the interesting results.
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Polls Is Talkin’: The Best Rapper Alive Is…

16 09 2008

The people have spoken. Based on a recent poll asking “Who really is the best rapper alive”, there still was no answer since the results were all ties. The main three were the two self-proclaimed “best rappers alive”, while the other was one of my favorite MC’s of all time, Andre 3000. Peep the results below:
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Polls Is Talkin’: The Official Song of the Summer Is…

2 09 2008

As we say goodbye to Summer of ’08, its only right that we highlight the song of the summer. Based on a poll right here on Hip Hop A.D., readers had to vote for the official summer anthem. With a million and one rappers using the instrumental, crazy radio and video spins, a album selling “a milli” in one week, its only obvious that Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” is the official summer banger.
Here are the top 5 summer songs based off the poll results:

1. Lil’ Wayne – A Milli
2. Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West – Put On
3. Nas – Hero
4. DJ Khaled feat. Various Artists – Out Here Grindin’
5. Ace Hood feat. Rick Ross – Cash Flow

If you disagree with the poll results, take the proactive approach and participate in the polls. Hit up the latest poll to voice your opinion.