Lupe’s Special Announcement…

1 11 2008

For over a week there’s been a rumor that Lupe Fiasco will have an announcement on Halloween. Right when Halloween hit, many people (including myself) waited patiently for the big announcement, and the news is…

LupEND will be a 3-disk album! It’s 3 albums in one and the END in LupEND is an acronym for the disk titles Everywhere, Nowhere, Down Here. I guess that’s what Lu meant when I asked him if it’s his final album and he said “we’ll see” since its a 3 for 1. Peep the video below of his announcement of LupE.N.D.:

I must admit this is risky seeing that some of the greatest hip hop artist (Nas and Jay-z) created double albums and it turned out to be one of their least favorable albums. On the other hand, a real artist takes risks and tries new things. If this is Lupe’s final album I’m sure he will make a dope lasting impression.



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