Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 11/17 – ’96 Lil’ Kim

18 11 2008

Before the infamous VMA titty jiggle, Lil’ Kim had another highly provocative image that will always be embedded into our minds. Aside from this unforgettable poster/album cover, Kim’s vicious, sexual style of rhyming made her irresistible.

Today I got my copy of the latest KING Magazine which features Naturi of 3LW paying homage to Lil’ Kim, whom she plays in the upcoming Biggie bio flick “Notorious”. Back in the 90’s Lil’ Kim was one of the top female rap artist, who was known not only for being BIG’s protégé, but her outstanding sex appeal. One of the most unforgettable promo pics in rap is the poster for her debut LP HardCore which features a provocative shot of Lil’ Kim with her legs open. In the colorful “Crush on You” Kim still looked good with various different styles showing various levels of sexiness.

The new Lil’ Kim can still get it, but the pre-plastic surgery Lil’ Kim was much better. 50 said it best when he said “I thought Lil’ Kim was hot, ’til she start fucking with her nose”.



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