What’s Beef: Joe Budden Vs. Saigon

19 01 2009

Only three weeks into 2009, diss tracks have been all over the net. First, 50 sounds off on Lil’ Wayne’s “Lousianimal” which he Weezy subliminally took shots at him. He also throws in Kanye and Oprah into the same diss track titled “Play This on the Radio”.
But one of the more blatant feuds is the Joe Budden and Saigon beef. Instead of dissing in a subliminal fashion like many other MC’s do, Joe Budden not only name drops in the diss track, but even puts Saigon’s name in the title. Saigon then responds getting personal with Joey, calling his son gay and his girl a jumpoff. Let’s recap the history of the beef to cause Sai to spaz like that, and give the diss tracks a listen.

The Story:
The beef started from a metaphor Joe Budden dropped referencing Saigon. The line said “soon as my wife gone, they jump on the python, she ain’t know I’m out to hit and run like Saigon” referencing the fight between Mobb Deep and Saigon (peep below)

Of course Sai wasn’t fond of the line so he went in on Joey in numerous video interviews causing Joe to make the first diss track “Letter to Saigon”. Joe kept it in a traditional battle rap style throwing jabs at his opponent but also explaining the misunderstanding with the reference. The follow up track by Saigon “Under Achiever” is an obvious insult to Joe’s underwhelming Def Jam debut, and even goes at his fam. The most recent track, (which leaked today) is Joey’s latest response to “Under Achiever”. Joe Budden keeps his cool and still goes in on Saigon but not taking it to the extent that Sai did.

Who do you feel won the battle thus far? My vote goes to Joe Budden.

The Music (click song titles to listen/download)

Joe Budden – Letter to Saigon

Saigon feat. Prodigy – Under Achiever

Joe Budden – Pain in his Life



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