Uncool Laurence – The Gil Scott-Herringbone EP

18 04 2016


Take a ride with Uncool Laurence on this Gil Scott-Heron inspired EP, venturing through his hometown of Los Angeles, life struggles, and other shenanigans. Leaving you with thought provoking rhymes and smooth beats to vibe to.

I am pleased to bring you my 3rd project, The Gil Scott-Herringbone EP. As usual I put my all into it, and the standards for “my all” continue to increase the more I hone my skills.

I stuck to the script of dropping honest content, great beat selection, and of course superb rhyme writing. It’s been a difficult stage in life but I managed to drop some fire through it all, and you can hear it in the music.

Hit the link and check it out, and feel free to like, share, and all that good stuff. I appreciate the support!

Download | Stream via Soundcloud




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