Lakers Win Game 5!

27 05 2009


It’s been a good series with the Denver Nuggets against the Los Angeles Lakers as they compete for the Western Finals. In Game 4 the Lakers experienced an unfortunate loss against the Nuggets, but they redeem themselves in Game 5. The score was close predominantly throughout the game, but in the 4th quarter, the Lakers take the lead resulting in their third win of the series. The Lakers win 103 to 94, and Game 6 will be this Friday in Denver. The Lakers lead the series 3-2, better than 1-3 ain’t it?

The Lakers Take a L, Western Finals Tied 1-1

21 05 2009

Unfortunately the Lakers lost Game 2 of their series against Denver. Kobe and the Lakers were off to an excellent start but couldn’t hold the lead during the second half. After a tight fourth quarter, Luke Walton made a horrible attempt to tie the game by passing it to Derek Fisher who obviously missed since it didn’t lead to an overtime. The Nuggets took the lead with a score of 103-106.
Game 3 will be this Saturday in Denver.

Lakers Take Game 1!

19 05 2009

Nuggets Lakers Basketball
Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets 105-103 in an excellent game 1. Based off today’s game this will obviously be a tough series, but it can potentially be the best series since the Bulls vs. Celtics in round 1. Big ups to Trevor Ariza for that last minute steal resulting in the victory.