News: R.I.P. Underground MC Eyedea

18 10 2010

R.I.P. Eyedea (Nov. 9 1981 – Oct. 17 2010)

Underground MC/battle rapper Eyedea passed away yesterday, October 17th due to unknown causes. In 2000, Eyedea caught the attention of many Hip Hop fans when he won the Blaze Battle that was televised on HBO. He then went on to collaborate with DJ Abilities to form the duo “Eyedea & Abilities”. The rapper/DJ duo went on to create 3 underground LP’s, to contribute to Eyedea’s discography consisting of numerous other albums. He also joined the annual Rock The Bells tour in 2009 to perform alongside M.O.P., Evidence, and other underground artists.
Eyedea passed two weeks away from his 29th birthday.

Continue reading to peep a couple of his Blaze Battles which helped paved the way for his career.
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