Got Ya Covered: Clipse – Til The Casket Drops (Album Cover)

12 11 2009

Clipse – Til The Casket Drops
clipse til the casket drops album cover
The Clipse collab with New York artist KAWS once again for the album cover of their third LP Til The Casket Drops. KAWS is also responsible for creating three of their single covers and also the cover of the Complex Magazine where the duo was featured. While I’m a fan of animated album covers and KAWS’ work, this one is average. In my opinion it’s ideal for a single or a album promo, but as an official album cover it could’ve been hotter. Regardless, I know the album will be a banger. Til The Casket Drops will be in stores December 8th.

Dope or Nope 6/11: New Clipse!

11 06 2009

Clipse – I’m Good feat. Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes)
Clipse I'm Good
It’s been a long day for me and before I catch some Z’s I’m postin’ this new Clipse and Pharrell joint titled “I’m Good”. “I’m Good” will appear off their forthcoming album Till the Casket Drops, in stores September 8th. Pharrell comes thru for an appearance on the track and a dope piano, synthesized beat. If the album sounds like “I’m Good” and the predecessor “Kinda Like a Big Deal” with Kanye, then this should be the third superb album from the VA duo.

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