R.I.P. Isaac Hayes (1942-2008)

10 08 2008

It’s a sad weekend in black entertainment with the death of Bernie Mac, and now legendary singer Isaac Hayes. Isaac Hayes has passed away at age 65 due to unknown causes. Earlier today, Hayes wife found him laying near a treadmill and was immediately taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
Hayes is well known for creating numerous soul albums, the theme to Shaft (which he also wrote and produced the soundtrack), and his character as The Chef on the animated series “South Park”. Isaac Hayes has made various appearances in films and TV shows ranging from “Hustle & Flow” to “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. His music has been sampled by hip hop artists such as Notorious BIG “Warning”, Wu-Tang Clan on “I Can’t Goto Sleep”, and Ludacris on “Southern Fried Intro”. I send out my condolences to the Hayes family.



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