Takin’ Em Back 08/29

29 08 2008

Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy – Up Jumps Da Boogie

This was my joint! This jawn took me right back to middle school when I used to bump this on a regular. Timbo’s been killin the production game for over 10 years. Did anyone peep the cameo’s with Aaliyah and Static Major together?

History In The Making!

29 08 2008

Barack Obama’s DNC Speech

I’m glad I found the FULL video online (props to illRoots.com) so I can up this for those who didn’t tune in. I’m not even goin to front, I didn’t know what dude was about since I’m not really into politics. After watchin’ this I see Obama has good intentions and is an excellent speaker. I’m convinced this brotha can make a change.

Hip Hop Continues To Die…

29 08 2008

Mike Page – Show Yo Swag

How cliche can you get? The word “swag” is officially on cheesy status, it’s up there with Fubu and bling bling now. And no, I’m not a hater; just a brotha with an opinion.