Dope or Nope 8/19: New Jeezy feat. Nas!

20 08 2008

Young Jeezy feat. Nas – My President is Black

In 2006 when Nas announced his album title “Hip Hop is Dead”, it caused controversy in the rap game. Artists such as Dem Franchise Boyz, T.I., and others expressed their thoughts about the title. One artists who did it publicly on a radio station in Philly was Young Jeezy, who heavily criticized Nas’ street credibility and eventually walked off the radio station furiously. About two years later, Jeezy takes a more political approach with his latest LP and reconciled his differences with Nas to bring a conscious record titled “My President is Black”.

Young Jeezy spoke to MTV about the track about how Nas went in on it, and dude was right. Check the link below. The Recession in stores Sept. 2nd.



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