Dope or Nope 9/5: New Timbaland feat. T-Pain!

5 09 2008

Timbaland feat. T-Pain – Talk That Shit

Damn, T-Pain is everywhere! That dude is definitely doing his thang. This is the supposed first single off Timbaland’s upcoming album. No word on the title nor release date.

Tyga Loses His Chain…Again!

5 09 2008

About three months ago, Tyga’s Young Money chain was snatched by 40 Glocc & his boys. Now his signature GED (Gettin’ Every Dollar) chain has been jacked from some of his old boys. What makes it even worse is Tyga calls em and asks for it back and tears up. Check the vid.

Best News I Heard All Day: Kanye & Jigga Set To Drops Albums This Year!

5 09 2008

It was more obvious that Jay was dropping Blueprint 3 this year since “Jockin Jay-z” has been getting heavy radio play, a rumored track titled “Victory” is said to leak soon, and he’s (along with Kanye) featured on “Swagger Like Us” which has the internet going nuts. But to everyone’s surprise, Kanye West is dropping an album this year! This is the quote directly from MTV UK:

“Both Jay and Kanye are set to release new albums before the end of 2009. It’s well known Jigga has been working on a new LP- likely to be called The Blueprint 3 – with another West produced track “Jockin’ Jay Z” already leaked to the web. Kanye was not expected to release a new album in 2008 but the follow up to Graduation now seems likely to be with us in the near future!”

Kanye’s new single titled “Love LockDown” will be available for download Sept. 8 (bloggers are going to be all over this when it leaks), while the album will drop in December. I’m wondering if he’s going to go with Good Ass Job as he planned in the past.