Takin’ Em Back 08/29

29 08 2008

Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy – Up Jumps Da Boogie

This was my joint! This jawn took me right back to middle school when I used to bump this on a regular. Timbo’s been killin the production game for over 10 years. Did anyone peep the cameo’s with Aaliyah and Static Major together?

History In The Making!

29 08 2008

Barack Obama’s DNC Speech

I’m glad I found the FULL video online (props to illRoots.com) so I can up this for those who didn’t tune in. I’m not even goin to front, I didn’t know what dude was about since I’m not really into politics. After watchin’ this I see Obama has good intentions and is an excellent speaker. I’m convinced this brotha can make a change.

Hip Hop Continues To Die…

29 08 2008

Mike Page – Show Yo Swag

How cliche can you get? The word “swag” is officially on cheesy status, it’s up there with Fubu and bling bling now. And no, I’m not a hater; just a brotha with an opinion.

News: Yung Berg’s Brother Gets Brolic, Budden No Longer Hates The Game

28 08 2008

Yung Berg’s Brother Speaks
If you haven’t heard, Yung Berg’s 70k Transformer chain was yanked earlier this week in Detroit. While it was a rumor, it’s now official since Berg’s “twin” brother put out this video with words for the jackers. …Movin right along.

The Game & Joe Budden Squash Beef
When The Game first got on the scene there was a semi-publicized beef with Joe Budden. The feud stayed on wax with the two MC’s droppin diss tracks and freestyles towards each other. The two reconciled their differences at Game’s album release party for LAX in NY.

Dope or Nope 8/27: New Gym Class Heroes featuring Lil Wayne!

28 08 2008

Not as sick as “Viva La White Girl Remix”, but still a decent song. This track will not be sewed onto The Quilt, Gym Class Heroes new album that drops Sept. 9th.

Takin’ Em Back! – 8/27

27 08 2008

I was watching Lil Wayne’s World on Fuse TV, which was an hour show dedicated to Lil Wayne videos. They kicked off the show with Lil Wayne’s debut single “Tha Block Is Hot” which made me post this up in today’s throwback joint. You can definitely see how Weezy evolved from his first joint.

Lil Wayne – Tha Block is Hot

Seeing Is Believing 8/26: New Ace Hood, Q-Tip, & Talib Kweli Videos

27 08 2008

Ace Hood – Get ‘Em

Still a lil skeptical on this dude. But anyway, here’s his current vid for “Get Em” off Gutta which drops on my born day, Sept. 23rd.

Q-Tip – Gettin Up (Unofficial Video)

New video off the upcoming Renaissance album from Q-Tip. Hopefully it’s like the slept on Amplified joint.

Talib Kweli & KRS One – The Perfect Beat

New Kweli & KRS joint off of Eardrum.

Mixtape Madness: Busta Rhymes – I’ve Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper 2

27 08 2008

Busta’s follow up to his mixtape released earlier this year. If its anything like it’s predecessor, it should be a hot one. On a sidenote, where the fuck is Blessed?

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News: Yung Berg Gets The Business

26 08 2008

Yung Berg Gets Robbed In Detroit

Yung Berg was assaulted and robbed in Detroit at a club while he was out for 102.7 Summer Jam. Berg’s gaudy $70k Transformer chain was jacked leading to Berg fleeing back to Chi-Town. The jacker is rumored to be Detroit artist Trick Trick, but it has not been proved. An image surfaced to the net of a dude wearing the Transformer chain. Developing…

Seeing Is Believing 8/25 – New T-Pain and Kanye West Vids!

26 08 2008

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It

New T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne (or should I say T-Wayne) video. This is definitely creative and interesting. They could’ve took the cliche route and put it in a club but they put some creativity into this one. Check it out.

Kanye West – Good Morning

This video came out a while ago but the quality was always poor. Finally a clear version of it has made its way to the net. Callin this video ill is an insult!