Kanye Performs New Single & Sets Nov. 25th Release Date!

4 10 2008

Last night at the Key Club out here in LA, Kanye made an appearance at T.I.’s Paper Trail Album Release Party. Here’s some footage from Consequence showing Ye & T.I. perform “Swagga Like Us”. Afterwards, Kanyeezy performs “Love LockDown” and debuts his next single “Heartless”. I guess he serious about the autotune, but the joint sounds nice. 808’s & Heartbreak has been pushed up to November 25th!



3 responses

4 10 2008

Fuckin Bananas and 0ranges!!

he pushed it UP–un heard of!

Aye is this tha same day Luda album n BeyOnce album come OUT?

4 10 2008
L The Hustla

Word Ye gets props for that. The Ludacris album drops that day too, but I dunno about the Beyonce project. If so she needs to put a single out cause November is comin up.

4 10 2008

Indeed! man im started to BUY ALBUMs NOW! i had a whole 3 years on LIMEWIRE, but cds are becoming worthy again! thats wasup

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