The Homie Cavvi R P Goes in on Tyga!

6 10 2008

My boy Pierre has some words for Tyga. It seems like Tyga is building a rep for going big on his affiliates prior to his signing and yet another video has leaked with someone speakin‘ out. Most viewers leave responses like “They’re hatin, jealous, envious, etc.”, but for more than one video to drop it’s got to be some reasoning behind it. Check the Vid Below:

Seeing is Believing 10/6: New Common, Busta

6 10 2008

Common feat. Pharrell – U.M.C. (Universal Mind Control)

This video is sick! The second video from the album sharing the same title. The “Announcement” video was dope as well.

Busta Rhymes & Spliff Starr Peform “Arab Money Single”

I’m a Busta fan but I’m not feeling this one. The track leaked a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping it’ll grow on me but as of right now it’s subpar. Peep the performance with Busta & Spliff.

Murs – Lookin’ Fly

Don’t sleep on Murs. The Murs for President album is nice! This is one of the commercial cuts off the album.

Tony Yayo feat. Max B – Do It Right

I-20 feat. Ludacris – I Really Like Her

My supposed look-a-like drops his first single featuring Luda & Rocko.

Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 10/6 – Vanity

6 10 2008

I’m taking it way back with this one. The other night I was rudely awakened by some broad (still dunno who it was), and then a nigga had insomnia. Wasn’t nothing on TV but one of my guilty pleasures “The Last Dragon”. It was my first time seeing it in a minute and I forgot how fine Vanity was playing Bruce Leeroy’s love interest. Click the link below to view more pics and continue reading!
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VH1’s Greatest Hip Hop Songs

6 10 2008

Here is the list for those of you his missed the countdown on VH1. I dont necessarily agree with it all seeing that they put “Hot in Herre” much higher than “Children Story” “I Used to Love HER” and “One Love”, but to each is own. I’m liking how number one was “Fight the Power”. Not only is it a timeless track, it’s also monumental and it shows unity amongst African Americans standing up for what they believe in. Don’t forget to check out VH1 Hip Hop Honors on Monday! Peep the list
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