Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 10/6 – Vanity

6 10 2008

I’m taking it way back with this one. The other night I was rudely awakened by some broad (still dunno who it was), and then a nigga had insomnia. Wasn’t nothing on TV but one of my guilty pleasures “The Last Dragon”. It was my first time seeing it in a minute and I forgot how fine Vanity was playing Bruce Leeroy’s love interest. Click the link below to view more pics and continue reading!

Aside from her role on “The Last Dragon”, she is well known for the popular 80’s joint “Nasty Girl” performed by the trio Vanity 6. She was also one of Prince’s many bad ones. Vanity was in her prime over 20 years ago and she’s still fine till this day making her a timeless beauty.



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