The Rundown 6/29 – Michael Jackson Tribute ★ Chris Brown GUILTY over Rihanna! ★ Perez Hilton punched + Disses MJ

30 06 2009

My boy B-Ezy drops this weeks Rundown covering everything from the Chris Brown verdict, Perez Hilton getting fired on, and of course a Michael Jackson tribute. If you’re new to the Rundown, B-Ezy runs down a list of topics and events that occured over the past week and keeps you posted on the latest in the entertainment industry. Make sure you check this out!

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The Rundown: Usher Leaves Tameka! Lil’ Wayne + Lauren London + Nivea + Pregnant man = Hot Mess!

16 06 2009

My boy B-Ezy is back with his web show giving you the rundown on what’s happening in the entertainment industry. If you’ve been missing out on the latest entertainment news, you definitely have to check out The Rundown. B-Ezy keeps you informed and dying at his commentary on what’s poppin’ in the world of entertainment. As of today, I’ll post The Rundown’s on Spaz Appeal. Check it out!

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What’s Beef: Conflict Vs. Charles Hamilton

29 05 2009

From taking a Soulja Boy comparison as an insult, to referring to Rhymefest in a battle, to airing out his assistant/ladyfriend, it seems like Charles Hamilton doesn’t hold his tongue. With that being said, Charles recently made a reference to the West Coast which caught the attention of my boy Conflict. The Bludivision artist dropped a response track titled “Charlie” going in on Charles Hamilton. The reference was made on Charles Hamilton’s “Crack a Blogger” sampling Em’s “Crack a Bottle”. Con hi-jacks the track for his diss towards Charles.

Click here to listen/download

Leave a comment or two with your thoughts on this track. Shout out to Conflict of Bludivision!

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday Chris Hunter

7 12 2008

Happy Birthday to the late Chris Hunter who would’ve made 24 today. Despite his unfortunate loss, Chris still lives on.

Gone but never forgotten!

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday To My Nigga Uche & Jay-z!

4 12 2008

Happy Birthday to my nigga Uche aka Uch aka Uch Da God aka Uch Supremo aka Uche Wally aka Uchechuku! Enjoy your day my nig and we’re about to be loaded this weekend!

Also, Happy Birthday to the Jiggaman. Jay-z makes 39 today, proving that there is a such thing as longevity in hip hop. While other artists took shots at Jay for his age, I consider that an accomplishment to be above the average age in rap and still highly active. The Blupeprint 3 drops February ’09!

The Homie Cavvi R P Goes in on Tyga!

6 10 2008

My boy Pierre has some words for Tyga. It seems like Tyga is building a rep for going big on his affiliates prior to his signing and yet another video has leaked with someone speakin‘ out. Most viewers leave responses like “They’re hatin, jealous, envious, etc.”, but for more than one video to drop it’s got to be some reasoning behind it. Check the Vid Below:

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday To Me! x My 150th Post!

23 09 2008

Today is my born day! 23 years ago history was made. 22 was an excellent and progressive year for me, and 23 will be even better. I can definitely say I’ve been blessed thus far, and the best is yet to come.
Thanx to all those who came out to the celebration this past Saturday at Sugar. Don’t forget to peep the pics on my myspace page.

*Other birthdays:
Jermaine Dupri
Layzie Bone

Laurence Holmes Est. 1985