Born Dayz: Happy Birthday To My Moms!

4 10 2009

Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman who made me, Ms. Janice Holmes. Even though she’s all the way across the map in Mississippi, I’m wishing her a happy Birthday and hoping she has a great and blessed b-day. And please be easy on the Jack!

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday to Me!

23 09 2009

I make 24 today and I’m bringing it in the right way. I’ve been partying since yesterday and I’m still at it. Tonight I’ll be at Area. Be there!

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday Pac (1971-1996)

16 06 2009

The legendary Tupac Shakur would’ve made 38 on this day. The late MC passed away almost 12 years ago in a fatal shooting that still remains unsolved. 2pac is a legend in the hip hop community, and one of the most influential figures of our time being a rapper, poet, actor, and an activist.
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Born Dayz: Welcome Claymore Collins II and Happy Bday J. Dilla

8 02 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been crazy busy with this project at work and outside of the office. But I’m posting a special blog for my Nephew.
Today my Sis had her first child, Claymore Radford Collins Jr. aka Deuce (I call em Seven since he was 7 lbs, he’s my 7th nephew/niece, he was born on the 7th, etc.). Congrats to her and the fam, and I wish nothing but the best for them. This lil dude is too cool tho, I went to take a picture of him and he holds up his four fingers.

Also, Happy Birthday to the late, great J. Dilla! If you don’t know, J. Dilla is responsible for producing some of hip hops most soulful instrumentals, and contributed his talents to many projects from Slum Village LP’s, Common’s Like Water For Chocolate, and even Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope. Unfortunately, J Dilla passed three years ago from cardiac arrest.

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday to my Pops!

30 01 2009

Happy Birthday to one of my biggest role models since day one! Enjoy your day and don’t have too much Patron lol. Thanks for help molding me into the man that I am.

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday Chris Hunter

7 12 2008

Happy Birthday to the late Chris Hunter who would’ve made 24 today. Despite his unfortunate loss, Chris still lives on.

Gone but never forgotten!

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday To My Nigga Uche & Jay-z!

4 12 2008

Happy Birthday to my nigga Uche aka Uch aka Uch Da God aka Uch Supremo aka Uche Wally aka Uchechuku! Enjoy your day my nig and we’re about to be loaded this weekend!

Also, Happy Birthday to the Jiggaman. Jay-z makes 39 today, proving that there is a such thing as longevity in hip hop. While other artists took shots at Jay for his age, I consider that an accomplishment to be above the average age in rap and still highly active. The Blupeprint 3 drops February ’09!

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday To Me! x My 150th Post!

23 09 2008

Today is my born day! 23 years ago history was made. 22 was an excellent and progressive year for me, and 23 will be even better. I can definitely say I’ve been blessed thus far, and the best is yet to come.
Thanx to all those who came out to the celebration this past Saturday at Sugar. Don’t forget to peep the pics on my myspace page.

*Other birthdays:
Jermaine Dupri
Layzie Bone

Laurence Holmes Est. 1985