Born Dayz: Happy Birthday to Me!

23 09 2009

I make 24 today and I’m bringing it in the right way. I’ve been partying since yesterday and I’m still at it. Tonight I’ll be at Area. Be there!

Guess Who’s Bizack!

16 02 2009

I’ve been workin’ hard instead of hardly working at my job so I’ve been absent from the blog scene. Luckily my project has came to an end so I’m here ready to knock these bloggers off their back.
While I was gone the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight received the most press and controversy so far this year, and the 50 and Rick Ross beef escalated and it still continues today (yawn at both of those). Unfortunately I was too busy to post on those, but they’ve been the topic on every blog/music site.
I’m back now so stay tuned for the latest and greatest in hip hop and other ill things.

– Peace

300 Posts & Bloggin’ + My 10 Favorite Blogs

26 01 2009

Its my 300th post and I wanted to take the time out again and thank all of my readers. Whether you check my site daily, pass thru occasionally, or new to my blog, keep checkin me out and know your views and comments are appreciated. Remember to keep spreading the word, voting on the polls, and posting comments keeping Hip Hop AD active. Also feel free to shoot me a suggestion or two to my email at Hit up the full story to peep 10 of my favorite blogs that I wrote and let me know which ones you felt should’ve made the list.

Laurence Holmes
Hip Hop AD est. ’08
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