NearClassics: Clipse – Lord Willin’

16 10 2008

Six years ago, two brothers from VA released the breakthrough classic track “Grindin’”. While Pusha T and Malice were new to the rap game, what gained everyone’s interest in the duo was not only their rap skills, but the fact that they were the first major rap act on Neptunes’ Star Trak imprint. With “Grindin’” being well receipted, Clipse eventually dropped their near classic debut, Lord Willin’.

Lord Willin’ was crafted well. From the albums intro where Pusha T starts the track saying “Playa’s we ain’t the same, I’m into cane and guns”, the Clipse introduce themselves to the rap game dropping bars over a sick instrumental with no hook. On their hometown anthem “Virginia”, the Clipse put out of towners up on game about VA. Clipse also show love to their VA native Fam-Lay, by giving him his own track, the bass-heavy “Fam-Lay Freestyle”. Their second single, “When’s The Last Time” served as the albums club banger. When non-club/radio friendly rappers attempt to drop a party track it often sounds clichéd and unnatural. The Clipse on the other hand created an ill club track and still remained themselves.
The only mediocre track on the album was “Ego”. Clipse rapped over what sounded like a left over Neptunes track with a sloppy hook. The song wasn’t terrible, it was just outshined by much better tracks on the album like “Gangsta Lean” and the posse cut “I’m Not You”.
The bottom line is, Lord Willin’ is over a half a decade old and still very enjoyable today. It’s rare nowadays to hear artists create an album with only one producer, and the Clipse were fortunate enough to have thorough Neptune production. Lord Willin’ passes the test of time.



2 responses

17 10 2008

My ishhhh… This was good cd! I remember those grindin dayz.people making beats on tables to that song–haha

17 10 2008
L The Hustla

Yep this is one of my favorites, it was damn near perfect.
I decided to add a weekly blog where I post slept-on/underrated albums. Keep checkin em.

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