NearClassics: Ghostface Killah – Supreme Clientele

24 10 2008

When it comes to new millennium classics, the first that come to mind are Blueprint and Stillmatic. An album that’s often overlooked is Supreme Clientele which is a classic in my opinion. Before I listened to Supreme Clientele, I knew Ghost as one of the standout members of the Wu. Though this is his sophomore album, it was my first full length GFK album that I’ve heard.

The album starts off with Ironman theme music making it an excellent introduction for a masterpiece of an album. Following the intro is “Nutmeg” which features production and a verse by the RZA, and “One”. The first couple of tracks stick to the traditional Wu formula of looped soul samples and sick rhymes giving Supreme Clientele a superb opening. Ghost’s sharp delivery tends to compliment on sampled tracks, but he also proves he can go in over break beats on both “The Grain” and one of the albums biggest highlights “Mighty Healthy”.
Supreme Clientele helped brand Toney Starks as one of hip hop’s most creative storytellers. On “Malcolm” Ghost spits street stories and even begins his verse addressing the rumors of his scuffle with Ma$e saying “Yo I champ punched Ma$e in his face, over some bullshit the other night/kidnapped his brother poking him with knives”. Another notable storytelling track is “Childz Play” where Ghost reminisces about childhood crushes and other memories as a kid.
In the 90’s when a Wu-Tang member would drop an album it would feature numerous Wu-Tang appearances. Supreme Clientele is one of the last albums to feature various Wu appearances. Raekwon appeared on the first single “Apollo Kids”, Method Man made an appearance on “Buck 50”, Ghost’s biggest hit to date “CherChez La Ghost” featured U-God, the whole clan united on “Wu Banga 101”.
In conclusion, Ghostface has proved he is consistent with all of his post Supreme Clientele work. Though he is consistent, this album still reigns supreme. The production, rhymes, content, and swift delivery is what makes Supreme Clientele. If you were like me in the past and didn’t listen to the Wally Champ as much, I guarantee this will make you a fan.



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