Takin’ Em Back – 1/9

10 01 2009

Nas – Nas is Like

I peeped this video interview with Primo earlier this week where he discussed Jay, Wayne, and Nas. As he reminisced about working on one of the greatest hip hop albums, [Illmatic] he stated that if Nas were to do a new project with the same production team as Illmatic (Primo, Q-Tip, LES, etc.), it would be a success. I agree with DJ Premier, tracks like NY State of Mind, 2nd Childhood, and today’s throwback joint, Nas is Like; show the chemistry between the two. While I Am and Nastradamus aren’t hailed as Nas’ greatest material, “Nas is Like” is one of the best joints he put out to date. The poetic lyrics and delivery the DJ Premier laced beat, and the scratches equal pure dopeness.



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