Dope or Nope 1/25: You’re Now Rockin’ Wit The Best…Rapper Alive

26 01 2009

Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

It appears that Lil Wayne’s “Rock” album is official. Earlier this week Tha Rebirth received a release date of April 7th, and now the first single is here. “Prom Queen” is the first single which sounds completely different from previous singles that Wayne’s released. Click the full story to continue reading.

The question is, are you feelin it? Honestly, it’ll have to grow on me. As of right now I’m feelin the instrumentation but the abusive autotune sound isn’t doing it for me. I do give it up to Wayne for stepping into a new realm of music. Comparing his Block is Hot days to now, you can definitely see his progression not only as a rapper but as an artist.
On a side note, they need to throw this joint on Rockband. That’ll be excellent marketing for the project and add more to the dopeness of Rockband.



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