Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 1/26 – Daddy’s Girls

26 01 2009

This weeks CotW entry goes to Vanessa and Angie. These sisters don’t only look good, they act got a business state of mind. From their shoe line Pastries to their show to Vanessa’s acting career, these chick’s are on the right track to success. These ladies are young, sexy and single, and even made Kanye say “cuz’ when the Jesus pieces cant bring me peace/yo I need this at least, uh, one of Russell’s nieces”

One in particular who caught my eye was Vanessa. Both sisters are attractive, but Vanessa has more of what I look for in a woman. I love a chick with legs, lips, and breasts, but aside from all that she seems down to Earth and carries herself in a mature manner. Apparently I’m not the only one feelin’ her since she made Maxim’s Hot 100.

Click the link below to peep more pics!



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