What’s Beef: Raekwon Vs. Joe Budden

10 08 2009

This past weekend Raekwon and his goons assualted Joe Buddens at the annual Rock The Bells show in San Bernadino, CA. If you’re wondering what led up to this confrontation, it all began with Joey speaking on how he felt about Rae’s fellow Wu-Tang member Method Man being placed above him on a top list of great MC’s. Joe was salty about the placement on the list and spoke on how he felt Method Man fell off. Rae, Meth, and Inspecktah Deck fired back at Joey with a diss track, then Joe Buddens eventually apologized.
During this past Saturday’s event, Raekwon and his crew up on Budden’s in the VIP area of the event which led to this video below:

Mickey Factz who peformed at Rock the Bells as well, witnessed the altercation and had this to say about it:

“Rae came in on some people shit at first. He dapped everybody…took a seat, and that’s when everything just changed…Next thing you know I just heard a punch…I was like oh shit, it looks like n****s is gonna be fightin’ today. I’m gonna be fightin’ a n***a that I grew up listening to, that’s crazy. And it wasn’t Rae who did it. ’m not a street dude, but if it would’ve went down we would’ve had to fight. We were not going to win, but I’m looking at Joe if it has to go down, it has to go down. I stayed, I didn’t leave. Rae told me it didn’t have anything to do with me. According to Rae, he put it on his kids…that Joe wasn’t supposed to get hit.”

How do you all feel about this? Was Rae keepin it too real with this one or did Joey rightfully deserve to get whooped on?



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10 08 2009
UPDATE: What’s Beef: Raekwon Vs. Joe Budden – Budden Challenges Raekwon «

[…] Raekwon ran up on Joe Buddens this past Saturday at the Rock the Bells tour in San Bernadino, CA (click here to peep the original story). The following day, the two squashed the beef before the final show of the Rock the Bells tour in […]

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