Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 11/2 – Somaya Reece

2 11 2009

Somaya Reece
All throughout this year, people were talkin’ about Joe Budden’s chick Tahiry and her donk. Eventually, when the two split the breakup became the talk of the town aside from Tahiry’s ass. Joey proved he’s resilient by bouncing back with an even better chick, the very busty and sexy Somaya Reece.
If you’re one of the million and one people who had a Myspace account, then Somaya Reece’s name should ring a bell. She’s one of the original “Myspace models” like Tila Tequila and others. Somaya Reece has more to offer than just a bangin body and a pretty face; the Salvadorian model is also an actress, and is mainly focusing on putting out her music working with 1500 or Nothin’. Joe definitely gets props for baggin’ this one and 1up’n Tahiry. Continue reading to peep more pics and feel free to check out her site at

Somaya Reece 1
Somaya Reece 2
Somaya Reece 4
Somaya Reece 3
Somaya Reece 5



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