Polls Is Talkin’: Album of the Year x My 5 Favorite Albums of ’08

1 01 2009

Happy New Years to all! Whatever you do tonight be safe. To bring ’08 to an end, I’m posting what readers felt was the album of the year. Based off December’s poll, the album of the year is…

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My Top 10 Singles of 2008

29 12 2008

Typically music artists select their best work as singles to help promote their albums. Seeing that singles are usually meant to blow, lets recap some of the hottest singles of the year. Hit up the full story to peep my 10 favorite singles of 2008.
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20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Redone Via Lego

11 12 2008

I seen this on illRoots and I had to post this up. Here’s 20 classic hip hop album covers redone with Lego’s. An ATLiens cover would’ve been dope. In the full story, you’ll peep my favorites and a link to all the rest.
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Dope or Nope 11/24: …Featuring The Game

24 11 2008

Two new joints with guest spots from The Game. First, is the long awaited collabo with Lil’ Wayne titled “Red Magic”, and next is Joe Buddens first singe “The Future” featuring The Game. Click the full story below to get these joints!
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Mixtape Madness: New Game, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Cassidy Mixtapes

30 09 2008

Pardon my slackin, but I’ve been a busy brotha lately which caused a delay on my mixtape feed. I got a slew of mixtapes from Game & Black Wall Street, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Cassidy. But here’s what’s hot at the moment, click the full story for download links, artwork and tracklistings.
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Quick News: Kanye’s VMA Exclusives, Bow Wow Takes An L, Tyga Says He’s All Good

6 09 2008

Kanye West Set To Perform First Single and Confirm Album At the VMA’s

Word to XXLmag, Mr. West will announce the title of his forthcoming album (originally titled Good Ass Job) and end the VMA’s on a good note by performing his first single “Love LockDown”. The VMA’s will take place tomorrow at Paramount Studios, and yes, I will be in attendance!

The Game and Bow Wow finally played in Madden ’09

After numerous YouTube vids of shit talkin’ and ass bettin’ (no homo). Check the vid below:

And the winner is…
The Game 55-23

Tyga Says Stop Hatin’ and Even Eats Money

Two day’s ago Tyga’s chain got yanked for the second time (the first was the Young Money chain) by some of Tyga’s old homies. If you missed the video, click here. Tyga has a couple of words for the haters and has a hunger for money…literally.

Bow Wow and The Game Goto War

3 09 2008

It’s official. After numerous YouTube vids of shit talkin‘ and betting everything from $100k to head from ex-girlfriends, The Game & Bow Wow will finally play a game of Madden. The game is set for this Friday Sept. 5th. Head over to bowwowvsthegame.com for more info.

News: Yung Berg’s Brother Gets Brolic, Budden No Longer Hates The Game

28 08 2008

Yung Berg’s Brother Speaks
If you haven’t heard, Yung Berg’s 70k Transformer chain was yanked earlier this week in Detroit. While it was a rumor, it’s now official since Berg’s “twin” brother put out this video with words for the jackers. …Movin right along.

The Game & Joe Budden Squash Beef
When The Game first got on the scene there was a semi-publicized beef with Joe Budden. The feud stayed on wax with the two MC’s droppin diss tracks and freestyles towards each other. The two reconciled their differences at Game’s album release party for LAX in NY.

Album Review: The Game – L.A.X.

25 08 2008


In the early 2000’s, G-Unit achieved success as a crew by dominating the mixtape and mainstream scene, and appealing to all regions on the map. For the East they had 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Yayo; the South had Young Buck, and the West had The Game. The success of his fellow G-Unit members helped introduce The Game to the world with his debut LP The Documentary. With two mainstream 50 Cent assisted singles (three if you include “Westside Story”), The Documentary received positive recognition and has sold over two million units. Shortly after, 50 Cent and The Game fell out resulting in The Game’s departure and a claim from 50 Cent stating that he wrote a majority of the album.

Over a year and numerous diss songs later, The Game had to show that he can make it by himself with his post-G-Unit album, Doctor’s Advocate. While Doctor’s Advocate was a near platinum album, The Game proved he possesses the skills to make a high quality album without G-Units support, show growth and consistency.

Now that The Game is a respected name in hip hop, he is back with his third release L.A.X. (abbreviated for Life and Times).
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The Game LAX Bonus Tracks

22 08 2008

The Games third LP LAX will be in stores this Tuesday. It’s a nice album and it’s been in heavy rotation in my whip all week. Like most highly anticipated albums, there is a deluxe edition which will get you a couple of extra joints for a couple of extra dollars. The Cool n Dre produced “Big Dreams” was the first song to leak from LAX, and was originally planned to be the first single. Apparently it only made the album as a bonus track. “Camera Phone”, another track with Ne-Yo hit the net last week and is included on the deluxe edition as well.
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