Common & N.E.R.D. Concert Rap Up!

15 09 2008
*this was not taken at the show

I attended the Common & NERD concert on Sept. 14th. It was an entertaining, energetic, and all around dope show.

The opening act was Star Trak signee’s Chester French. This was my first time hearing these dudes and they definitely have talent.
Afterwards N.E.R.D. starting things off with one of my favorite tracks on their current release Seeing Sounds, “Anti-Matter”.
The crowd remained hyped while they performed numerous cuts off Fly or Die(Maybe), In Search Of…(Brain, Run to the Sun), and more off of Seeing Sounds (Everyone Nose, Sooner or Later). Eventually N.E.R.D. let their fans on stage to rock with em (unfortunately I was too late but its all good). My boy Ant (shouts out to my nigga Ant, I see u boy!) even got up there (the dude in the blk fit)! Check out the vid below.

Next up was the main act, Common using a bar/nightclub theme for his segment of the show.
Common got things started with his current single “Announcement” off his upcoming LP Universal Mind Control (originally titled “Invincible Summer”).

While Common’s personality off the mic is laid back and chill, he is one of the most livest, hype performers I’ve seen. Check the footage below of Common breakin’ during his performance with Pharrell of his second single “Universal Mind Control”:

He performed the numerous songs off his upcoming album, and greatest from his discography; including I Used To Love HER, The Corner, The Light, The People, and many more. He also paid homage to some of his favorite artists including Nas by performing “NY State of Mind”, but to keep the content exclusive, he did “Cali State of Mind”. Speaking of exclusive, he brought out Will.I.Am and the rapped an exclusive freestyle and I got it all on tape. Common even shouted me out at 3:15! Big ups to Common for that, check the vid below:
Common then wrapped up his performance by dropping “Gladiator”, a joint off his new album with a triumphant vibe to it. In conclusion, it was an excellent and exciting show. The Common & NERD concert was the perfect blend of live instruments, alternative music, and pure hip hop. From start to finish it was never a dull moment. If you weren’t in attendance, you definitely missed a great show! Check out a couple of flicks and footage below:
Common performing The Food



3 responses

17 09 2008

freakin hype i wanna go back, i went to tha anaheim one, lucky yall had william!! but we had chad poplockin on sum next dance crew shit, haha — did yall have seats??was yall hella hyped when spaz came on? =D good times

thats cool he caught u in the freestyle

17 09 2008
L The Hustla

Did we spazz!? We were in the pit so we stood right in the front so it was hella active. Chad wasn’t @ The Wiltern show and niggaz kept yellin out “Where’s Chad?” But it was a great show and Com’s new LP is soundin nice.

17 09 2008

chad be aalways in the cut, but aint he apart of the group, i dont get it?!?

haha did we! thats wassup, i probably woulda felt moore at home at the wiltern one! overall it was dop3

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