The Lakers Take a L, Western Finals Tied 1-1

21 05 2009

Unfortunately the Lakers lost Game 2 of their series against Denver. Kobe and the Lakers were off to an excellent start but couldn’t hold the lead during the second half. After a tight fourth quarter, Luke Walton made a horrible attempt to tie the game by passing it to Derek Fisher who obviously missed since it didn’t lead to an overtime. The Nuggets took the lead with a score of 103-106.
Game 3 will be this Saturday in Denver.

Album Review: Method Man & Redman – Blackout! 2

21 05 2009


One of the rare occurrences in Hip Hop today is collaboration albums. Numerous solo albums filled with guest appearances have been released over the decade, but rarely do you see collaborative albums. Breaking this rare trend is the dynamic duo Method Man and Redman with their sequel to their platinum album Blackout! During their ten year hiatus, the two made a cult classic comedy, released two albums separately, and even had a short sitcom on Fox. The duo’s solo albums were both received as average, excluding Method Man’s commercial attempt Tical 0 which received bad reviews. Now with Hip Hop’s Cheech & Chong reunited, will the album spark more than the solo efforts, or will the album be another “Method & Red”?
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