2009 MTV Movie Awards Shock Value

1 06 2009

I attended the MTV Movie Awards last night at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Universal Citywalk. The award show was decent; saw a lot of celebrities in the building, the set up was nice, and unfortunately “Twilight” won damn near every award.
What seems to be the talk of the net is the stunt performed by Sacha Baron Cohen in character as “Bruno”; a gay Austrian news reporter who also has a movie dropping in July. Bruno hangs from the ceiling dressed as an angel to present the “Best Male Performer” award. Instead of making his way to the stage, he “accidentally” falls onto Eminem’s lap with his butt in Em’s face. Peep the video below:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

What everyone’s wondering is, was this staged or not. It looked stage to me, the fact that Eminem didn’t move when he saw Bruno landing, Bruno coincidentally landing on a blatant homophobic rapper, and how they focused on Em’s face from the beginning of the scene.
On the other hand as Eminem stormed out of the building he looked pissed off. His facial expression looked like he was ready to wreck something. His entourage, D12 followed looking heated as well as he left the building.



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