Mixtape Madness: The Greenhouse Effect Reissue

18 06 2009

Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect: One Year Anniversary
Less than a year ago I wrote a blog about Asher Roth who was still fairly new onto the hip hop scene. In the blog was Asher’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect; which was already out prior to the blog that I wrote (click here to peep the blog). Now that Asher dropped his debut LP, he re-releases his mixtape for the year anniversary adding five new tracks to it. Hit up the full story for the new tracklisting and download link.


1. Start The Show
2. Roth Boys
3. Humansirkme
4. SeeMe f. DJ Drama
5. Cannon
6. Black Mags
7. Mr. Me 2
8. Battle Me
9. Rub On Your Titties
10. SawYou
11. The Sun God Free
12. The Lounge
13. Just Listen
14. Morning Do
15. Demonic
16. Gimme Your Box f. The Roomates
17. Keep Bouncing f. The Roomates
18. ThedailyKUSHdotcom f. DJ Drama
19. Dey Know
20. Morris Roth
21. Cartoon Chick
22. StopWaitingOnTheWorldToChange
23. The Day I Got Crowned
24. Family Man
25. Throw Some Water On ‘Em
26. A Milli
27. The Reading

Click here to download



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