Girls, Girls, Girls, – Chick of the Week: 7/6 – Meet Team Drake!

6 07 2009

The Lovely Ladies of “Best I Ever Had”
Drake - Best I Ever Had
This past weekend, Drake premiered his highly anticipated video for “Best I Ever Had”. Since it’s release, the video has received mixed reviews. Many thought the video didn’t live up to their expectations, and others liked the video for the busty eye candy that was Team Drake. Despite the mixed reviews for the basketball themed video, the female players made it far more enjoyable than the WNBA.
To support Drake’s role as a Coach in the music video, Team Drake was assembled of five ladies with fresh new faces, and nice breasts that’ll make any dudes dream team. The 305 has the scoop on these honey’s which helped make Team Drake the Chicks of the Week.

Continue reading for pics and info about the video vixens and the “Best I Ever Had” music video.
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Seeing is Believing 7/6 – New Eminem, Fabolous, & Twista Vids!

6 07 2009

On Today’s Vids…

Eminem makes a “Beautiful” video (pause)

Fabolous has a “Toast to the Good Life”

Twista celebrates a “Birthday”

*I’ll be back with descriptions later. I’m fresh off vacation so I have to get caught up at the office.

Continue reading to peep the vids…
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