Welcome Home Shyne Po! + Possible Deportation

6 10 2009

Almost ten years ago from today, Shyne was locked up for charges of attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment; after an incident in a Manhattan nightclub involving him, Diddy, and Diddy’s girl at the time, J-Lo. Shyne was then sentenced to 10 years in prison at Clinton Correction Facility in New York. During his 10 year sentence, Shyne released two albums and even got called out by 50 Cent.
Today, Shyne is released from prison and has been the topic of discussion this morning. The people are wondering if he’s going to work with Diddy, who’s showed some interest in working with Shyne again, how his music will sound, or will he still come with the raw rap style he was known for early in his career. There are also rumors of him signing to Jay’s RocNation imprint. Shyne also plans on releasing the follow up to Godfather Buried Alive titled Godfather Exhumed in the future.

Welcome back!

Shyne is currently in Federal custody being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at an undisclosed detention facility in Western New York State. Federal officials are reviewing the rapper’s immigration status and making a determination on whether or not he will be deported to his native country of Belize. Details are developing.



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