Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 10/5 – Mya

5 10 2009

Mya 2
This week’s Chick of the Week is the lovely singer/actress, Mya. I forgot all about Mya till I got word of her planning a comeback in 2010 which reminded me of how sexy she is. Mya has been in the game for over 11 years, and is still one of the baddest R&B chicks. I actually got the opportunity to meet Mya as a shorty during a signing at King Music out here in LA where she complimented me on my charm. She’s also the typical chick I would go for, since I dig petite, light complected women, with a booty is a plus. Her soft voice, pearly white smile, and well-proportioned ass made The Game say “I had dreams, of fuckin, a R&B bitch like Mya when I saw that ass on the front of that KING”

Continue reading to peep more pics!

Mya 4
Mya 3
Mya 5
Mya 7
Mya 8



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