Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 10/12 – Pam Grier (NSFW)

12 10 2009

Pam Grier
With the release of the blaxploitation Comedy “Black Dynamite” dropping this Friday, I decided to dedicate this week’s Chick of the Week to Pam Grier; who was one of the main attractions of blaxploitation films in the 70’s. For people who were born after the 1970’s like myself, you are full aware of Pam Grier by hearing her referenced in Black media, and from people who grew up in that era. Though Ms. Grier is still looking good at the age of 60, people will always remember her for being the iconic sex symbol of the 70’s.

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Dope or Nope 10/12 – Michael Jackson’s This Is It

12 10 2009

Michael Jackson – This is It
It’s still hard to believe the King of Pop is gone and here is the single off of the upcoming, highly anticipated documentary under the same title. “This is It” will be in theaters October 28th, and it will be MJ’s final concert and rehearsal footage. Tickets for the film sold out in approximately 2 hours, while fans waited up to 3 days to receive tickets. Fans of Michael Jackson will definitely appreciate this film and remember his legacy. Long live MJ!

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