2008 VMA Experience Via Laurence Holmes

8 09 2008

I was honored to be a seat filler for the 2008 VMA’s! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics due to the strict rules of no cams. Someone tried to sneak a pic outside and the coordinators went hard on ’em, and we weren’t even inside the building. Here’s my experience…

I started off sitting next to Slash, the famous Guns N’ Roses guitarist. I was amazed at all the celebs pouring in and the hollywood ambiance. Then Lupe Fiasco walks in, slaps the five and sits right in front of me. I had a quick convo with Lupe about his upcoming “LupEnd” album which is rumored to be the finale. I tried to convince him in a matter of time that he can’t leave rap alone the game needs him!

Shortly after, Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz & his chick Ashley Simpson sat around me. Real down to Earth, humble cats and I was even told that my fit was on point. Being a seat filler you have to keep it moving on the coordinators request. So after Lil Wayne & T-Pain’s playing tag performance, I had to raise up. Eventually I moved even closer to the front where I met Weezy and shook hands with dude and I was greeted with the blood handshake.

I’m starting to think I have a celeb look-a-like! Fatman Scoop was walking, minding his own, then he approached me asking “whats good with you man!”. Later on when I was moved (yet again), D. Woods from Danity Kane made eye contact with me and waved hi with a big grin on her face…made me wonder. Later I was placed in front of the lovely Pussycat Dolls. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the fine ass lead singer Nicole Scherzinger but I didn’t eye her to the point where it looked like I was buggin’ out. As I left I bumped into McLovin from Superbad, and one of his boys saw me and gave me a look of recognition and spoke…again, I got to have a look-a-like out there.

In conclusion, I had a blast like I did last year. I met a slew of amazing people, made some new homies (shout to those Pomona cats), and enjoyed the show. I definitely found the experience inspirational and helped me envision myself appearing at more awards ceremonies or star studded events. I guarantee this won’t be the last, so get used to seeing me!



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