Dope or Nope 9 /8: New Kanye!

8 09 2008

Kanye West – Love LockDown

This was probably the most predictable Dope or Nope, seeing the hype that built up last week for Kanye’s finale performance at the VMA’s. This is his first single off his upcoming untiled LP that is set to drop in September. If you missed the performance, here it is (note: these VMA performances have been getting pulled. If it’s missing let me know):

I’m a huge Kanye fan and honestly I was a little disappointed when I heard it at the VMA’s. I was expecting something different since this was Ye’s first single. I listened to it a couple of times afterwards online and it definitely grows in you. That infectious melody sticks to you and gets stuck in your head. But you be the judge. The studio version is yet to leak.



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