Dope or Nope 12/08 – Another Jay-z Brooklyn Anthem

8 12 2008

Jay-z feat. MC Lyte – BK Anthem

Jay’s second Brooklyn track this month (see last Monday’s DoN Brooklyn (Go Hard)). I’m not sure if this will be featured on Blueprint 3 or the Notorious Soundtrack, hence the Biggie shout outs. Production wise it’s not the greatest, but Hov flows nicely over this beat. What you think? Peep the full story for the download link.

Warning: Contains numerous tags

As Seen On: illRoots



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8 12 2008

The people are getting bailed out too! Obama is helping already!!! New bailout and cash assistance for us too. I couldn’t believe it, up to $750,000.00USD in grants per person.. Bailout for the People

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