NearClassics: Common – Be

4 12 2008

Common’s eighth studio album Universal Mind Control drops this Tuesday. All the joints I’ve heard so far are dope and definitely worth the purchase. With the release less than a week way, this is the most appropriate time to blog about one of my favorite albums, Be. Read the rest of this entry »

Born Dayz: Happy Birthday To My Nigga Uche & Jay-z!

4 12 2008

Happy Birthday to my nigga Uche aka Uch aka Uch Da God aka Uch Supremo aka Uche Wally aka Uchechuku! Enjoy your day my nig and we’re about to be loaded this weekend!

Also, Happy Birthday to the Jiggaman. Jay-z makes 39 today, proving that there is a such thing as longevity in hip hop. While other artists took shots at Jay for his age, I consider that an accomplishment to be above the average age in rap and still highly active. The Blupeprint 3 drops February ’09!

Seeing is Believing 12/3 – New Ludacris & Kanye Vids!

4 12 2008

Speakin of Luda & Kanye, on today’s vids…

Ludacris wonders why “Everybody Hates Chris” and Kanye tells a “Pinnochio Story”
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