Takin’ Em Back – 12/12

12 12 2008

Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah (Got You All In Check)

I remember as a young’n I was heavily fascinated by this video. It was lively, hype, and it branded Busta as an “animated” rapper. Regardless of Busta’s “animated” style, his old videos are timeless. Every time he hooks up with Hype Williams, the results are classic. Peep my favorite J’s at 4:24. On another note, what happened to rappers with distinctive personalities like this? Someone who’s videos are fun and exciting to see?

NearClassics: Prodigy – H.N.I.C.

12 12 2008

The infamous Mobb Deep emerged onto the rap scene in the mid 90’s with their gritty style of New York street rap. The duo consisted of producer-rapper Havoc, and Prodigy. After numerous solid releases, beefs, and controversies, Prodigy decided to make a solo album with production help and appearances with his crew mate Havoc. Apparently the things hip hop loved about early Mobb Deep albums, persisted with HNIC making it one of hip hop’s most slept on albums to date.
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