Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 12/15 – Rosario Dawson

15 12 2008

With the release of Will Smith’s newest flick Seven Pounds, my attention was brought to Rosario Dawson who co-stars in the film. Though she did catch my eye in “Eagle Eye”, I recently looked up some pics of her and thought that I had to blog about it. Rosario Dawson is a Black and Latin actress who have some of the physical qualities that I love in a women, nice teeth, pretty skin, lips, and breasts. Click the full story to continue reading and to peep more pics!

Outside of her physical qualities, she has a unique personality, individuality, and often speaks about issues. You may have also seen her in such films as Sin City, Grindhouse: Death Proof, Men in Black 2 and many more.



One response

22 12 2008

I saw Seven Pounds and her and Will did an amazing job! Nice pic Holmes, those Half Black and Latin kids always come out lookin’ drop dead gorgeous! lol

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