5 Things That Need To Be Left In ’08

31 12 2008

With 2009 less than a day away, let’s take a look at the trends and occurrences that need to be left in the past as we move on to a new year in black music. Hit up the full story to peep 5 things that need to stay in the past.

5. Dressing Like Your Favorite Rapper
Lets face reality, not all trends are for everybody. Some styles might fit a certain celeb/rap artists, but not everyone can get away with the same things. This year some hip hop fans became fashionably confused retiring their baggy/loose clothes for skinny jeans, piercings and excessive tatts (which is on you for life).

4. YouTube/WorldStarHipHop Beef
Years ago when 50 Cent built a career off of beef with skits and diss tracks, it kept the hip hop world excited and entertained. Years later, the beef in hip hop still persists, and it’s no longer 50 Cent being the ringleader. This year there’s been numerous videos that made their way to the net via YouTube and WorldStarHipHop with artists beefing with one another. It’s also been people who were down with artists before they blew up submitting their disses as well. With all these videos going back and forth, hip hop is slowly becoming the WWE.

3. Autotune
T-Pain was the most bit artist this year. His signature autotune sound was used my various artists ranging from producer Ron Browz, Young Berg, 50 Cent, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and more. The use of the autotune even caused T-Pain to make “Karaoke”, addressing the people biting his style, but he gives Kanye and Wayne a pass. The autotune is suitable for T-Pain, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Unfortunately, the autotune will still be active in ’09 because Puff is rumored to be dropping album with complete autotune.

2. Swag
Initially swag was an appropriate slang word used to define confidence, style, and/or demeanor. It was cool while it lasted, but eventually people began to over use the word and play it out. In due time, swag will become the new “bling”.

1. Obama Hate
In November we experienced one of the most important Presidential elections of all time which led to Barack Obama’s victory. Time’s man of the year’s first day in office isn’t until January 20th of next year, the hate was at an all time high. Out here in Cali, in the small city of Torrance, swastika’s were spray painted onto cars along with messages telling Blacks to go back to Africa. Aside from the racist graffiti, all across there US, there’s been numerous attacks, threats, and rumored assassination plots. People need to put the ignorance aside and get ready for change.

Honorable Mentions:
Akon/Lil Wayne/T-Pain features
T-Baby – It’s So Cold In The D



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