Girls, Girls, Girls – Chick of the Week 5/25: Ida Ljungqvist

25 05 2009

Ida Ljungqvist 1
It’s my first time posting a Chick of the Week entry since Hip Hop A.D. made its transition to Spaz Appeal. To kick off the reinvention, I’m back at you with one of my best CotW entries thus far.
This week’s Chick of the Week is Ida Ljungqvist. She’s an African (Tanzanian to be exact) and Swedish Playmate. She recently got the slot for the 50th Playmate of the year making her the first African Playmate. Hit up the full story for more pics and more info on Ida Ljungqvist.

The 32D-cupped beauty hails California, and was discovered by a former playmate while working a a Bebe boutique in Beverly Hills. Ida lived in many countries including Ethiopia, Denmark, and Thailand; just to name a few. She is also fluent in three different languages; English, Swedish, and Swahili.

Ida Ljungqvist 2
Ida Ljungqvist 3
Ida Ljungqvist 4
Ida Ljungqvist 5



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