News: Nas Debuts at #1 & Supports a Movement!

23 07 2008

Nas’ latest LP debuts at #1 on the charts moving 180,947 units. That’s pretty damn good considering the commotion he went thru trying to get the title accepted and the late promotion. Call Untitled/Nigger a gimmick if you want, Nas just had to get some shit off his chest.

Nas – Sly Fox

In other Nas news, life imitates art with the boycott of Fox news. If you’ve been under a rock, Nas has a song titled “Sly Fox” addressing the blatant racism and from Fox News and Bill O’Reilly (please check the video above). Nas has joined the boycott of Fox News that was started by and The petition has over 600,000 signatures and the boycott will take place tomorrow at 2pm at Fox’s headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

I’m liking this movement right here. I feel if something obviously isn’t right, we as a people definitely have to bring it to attention. If we don’t say a word this ignorance will continue. Joking about Obama’s assassination, calling his wife “Obama’s baby mama”, and debating a lynching party for Michelle Obama; is it me or should prejudice statements like that not even be allowed on the air? Good luck with this one.



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