Seeing is Believing 7/23: New Gnarls Barkley, DJ Khaled feat. Rick Ross & others, and Plies Videos

24 07 2008

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
This video is from left field, but I’m feelin’ it. The heart scene reminds me of that famous scene from Alien/Spaceballs. Check out the J’s on the heart. If you’ve been sleepin’ on The Odd Couple album, you definitely need to check it out. Its one of the better and innovative albums that dropped this year.

Dj Khaled feat. Rick Ross, Plies, Trick Daddy, Boosie, and Ace Hood

This track is decent. But seriously, did we need another one of these Khaled and friends joints? As if “We Takin Over”, “Im So Hood”, “100 Million Dollars” and others weren’t enough. What happened to Lil’ Wayne’s verse? We Global will be in stores Sept. 16th.

Plies feat. Jamie Foxx and The Dream – Please Excuse My Hands

The self-proclaimed goon is back with his third single from Defninition of Real. This joint features vocals from The Dream & Jamie Foxx. Another track for the ladies.

Takin’ Em Back! – 07/23

24 07 2008

Camp Lo – Luchini (This is it)

Yall remember this shit? This is one of the illest beats I ever heard and the lyrics are abstract. On a sidenote, what happened to these dudes? They had a couple of other nice tracks like “Coolie High” and “Black Nostaljack”.

News: Detox Dropping in the Fall?

24 07 2008

I was a lil skeptical about posting this since Detox is slowly turning into a hip hop myth. Dr. Dre sat down with USA Today to discuss his final project and how he plans to release it in the Fall of this year (November or December to be exact). The project is said to feature the “usuals” (I’m assuming Snoop, Em, and 50), Lil’ Wayne (who is rumored to ghostwrite for Dre on Detox), Jay-z, and Nas.

Detox has been in discussion since Eminem’s Encore which was released in 2004. On the song titled “Encore” which features Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, Eminem says “Don’t worry about Detox, its comin'”. Shortly after in 2005, on The Game’s “Higher”, Dr. Dre says himself “look out for Detox!”. Seeing that The Chronic came out in ’92, Chronic 2001 came out in ’99, we’re due for a new Dre project. The westcoast needs this right about now.

Click here to read the artitcle.

GameFly: NBA Live ’09

24 07 2008

NBA Live looks like the next-generation of NBA games. Check the trailer, shit looks sick. I guess us Laker fans can redeem ourselves from our ’08 loss.