Takin’ Em Back! – 7/25

25 07 2008

Check the Friday edition of Takin Em Back! After a long week of work, this is the type of joints u put on.

Ice Cube – Friday

Classic Ice Cube!

*Bonus video
Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid

Don’t front like this shit didn’t go!

Seeing is Believing 7/25: New video from The Game

25 07 2008

The Game feat. Travis Barker – Dope Boys

The Game’s follow up single to Game’s Pain. This is the second single from L.A.X. (due Aug 26th). I’m definitely checkin for the album after hearing this and My Life feat. Lil Wayne (featured below).

Quick News: Diddy Engaged, Nas vs. Bill O’Reilly, and More!

25 07 2008

Cassie and Diddy Rumored to be Engaged

I’m not a hater, but I’m hatin! I’m jokin but I give props to Puff for takin one of the baddest chicks off the market. Though they’ve been engaged since early June, it was supposed to be on the low, but in the entertainment industry, there’s no such thing as a secret. There’s no set date for the marriage between the two.

Bill O’Reilly Gets At Nas

On July 23rd, Nas participated in a boycott started by ColorofChange.org and MoveOn.org protesting Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. Prior to that, Nas also released a song on his album titled “Sly Fox” expressing his thoughts on Fox and Bill’s blatant racist remarks that are targeted towards African Americans and Barack Obama. Apparently Bill O’Reilly is aware of Nas’ actions and had some words to say. Check the video below…

Sounds like Mr. O’Reilly is salty about Nas speaking up. Instead of ignoring Nas like he says people should do, he shows his unprofessionalism with a short segment of him taunting Nas and attempting to embarass him announcing “low” first week album sales. He makes it seem as if Nas’ aim were to sale as many records as possible, but he is just aiming to get his message out.

More Rick Ross Pics Emerge!

Okay not official flicks, but just some funny ass Photoshop’d joints. Check the pics & vid below.

Dope or Nope 7/25: New Game feat. Lil’ Wayne

25 07 2008

The Game feat. Lil Wayne – My Life

This is the third single off of L.A.X. (due out August 26th). From the singles I’ve heard, this should be a hot album. Cool-n-Dre produced this Lil’ Wayne featured banger. The video will be out next month. What yall think?
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